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Penis-Friendly Foods to Boost T-Levels, Sperm Count, and Help Erectile Dysfunction

We know that tablets, pumps and surgeries are effective for erectile dysfunction, but what about food? Are there any foods that can help with erectile dysfunction? We need more evidence to confirm the next food’s potential, but there’s reason to believe we can. Watermelon This sweet and refreshing fruit contains compounds that can give blood […]

Irregular Periods? | Symptoms | Causes | Treatments | Medications

Irregular Periods

An irregular menstrual cycle is a menstrual cycle that continually exceeds the “normal” range for unforeseen reasons. Small changes in cycle length are normal. Disturbances are also expected at the start of the carbide menstruation and at the end (before and after menopause). It can also appear after pregnancy and when hormonal contraception is stopped […]

Natural Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Natural treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Recent innovations in treatment mean that more drugs are now available to reduce ED. However, some men choose to take herbal supplements as an alternative. Many herbs have the potential to improve male sexual function, but there is little evidence to support the use of herbal medications for ED. People should always be careful when […]

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment depends on whether the problem is caused by psychological or physical factors or a combination of both. Although erectile dysfunction has a physical cause, it often has negative psychological effects that exacerbate the problem and complicate treatment. The following treatments can lead to reasonable success. Improving lifestyle, unhealthy habits / withdrawing behavior […]