How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally, many men worry about the size of their penis because they feel it is not big enough. Some people suffer from a condition called penile dysmorphia or persistent anxiety about the size of their penis. In fact, a key factor in this is pornography and society itself, which has distorted our perceptions.

Men are often relieved to learn that there are natural ways to increase penis size. Either way, the true power of your sword is you, its owner. Rest assured, penis size is more important to us than to our partners. A study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) confirmed this fact by revealing that 8 out of 10 women were completely satisfied with their partner’s penis. In other words, most women prefer smaller packages than we men imagine.

Nonetheless, this article will help you if you want to add size but want to avoid penis enlargement surgery, its risks and potential side effects.

So let’s take a look at how to make your penis thicker and longer naturally with 10 natural methods proven to improve your sexual health and perhaps give you a more enjoyable sex life.

Facts about Penis size

Most men want to have a long penis and let their ego expand their thought processes over time. So, does penis size matter? Did you know that most women don’t care about the length of their penis? Here are some interesting facts you should know about penis size.

Most women are satisfied regardless of the size of their partner’s penis, but not men. However, penis thickness is important for women.

  • Most men believe their penis is small.
  • The average penis length is 5.1 to 6.3 cm.
  • The average thickness of a penis is 4.7 cm.

Let’s clarify a few things about a man’s penis.

According to a study from Clemson University, the average penis size is approximately 5.1 inches.

  1. 90% of women surveyed don’t care about the size of their partner’s penis.
  2. According to researchers from the American Psychological Association, 85% of women are satisfied with what their partner brings with them.
  3. Only 55% of men were satisfied with the size of their penis.
  4. And in case you were wondering, most women prefer an average-sized penis.

How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

Try these simple natural penis enlargement tips, various exercises, changes in habits like smoking and alcohol, proper diet, meditation and much more that can help you achieve a bigger penis size.

Say yes to exercise

 Exercising regularly can significantly affect the size of your penis and help you have a long and healthy penis. By exercising occasionally, you improve blood flow to the organ and cleanse the blood vessels.

Stop Smocking

Smoking can significantly affect the size of the penis due to the blockage created by the small particles of tobacco smoke in the arteries that supply blood to the penis. Additionally, because smoking is associated with heart disease, blood flow to several organs in the body is compromised, including the penis.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

 For a long and healthy penis, you need to eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. These elements are very useful for fighting free radicals (elements that damage the body) that form in the blood vessels. Additionally, antioxidants also help strengthen blood vessels.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress and anxiety can also reduce the size of your penis. This happens when negative feelings cause blood to flow from the penis. As a result, it becomes very difficult to increase the size of the organ. Another reason that can contribute to small penis size could be sexual performance anxiety.

Spend time meditating.

While meditation can help you improve your sex life, it can also improve your body’s blood circulation, leading to penis development.

Take a hot shower

A hot shower can help increase blood flow not only to your body but also to your penis. The heat of the water helps increase blood flow to the organ, thus allowing the growth of the penis.

Exercises you can try to increase the size of your penis

Stretching Exercise

Stretching is one of the best exercises to enlarge your penis. In this exercise, men should use their thumb and forefinger to slide the skin up and down the penis. This exercise should be performed for 20 minutes every day to achieve the desired results. The main problem is preventing ejaculation during exercise. If you get an erection during exercise, you should stop immediately and wait about five minutes to let your penis relax.

Jelqing Exercise

This is the most commonly recommended exercise for men for penis enlargement. In this exercise, men should place both hands on the penis and gently move them up and down. This procedure contributes to the thickening of the penis. Doctors recommend performing this exercise at least once a day to get quick results.

Massage Exercise

In this particular exercise, you apply a doctor-recommended lubricant to the skin of your penis and massage it gently. This exercise helps to stretch the skin of the penis, which leads to the enlargement of the male reproductive organ.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the best option during the time of sexual intercourse. This is also a type of messaging exercise where you should gently rub your penis with one hand. This helps in increasing the size and thickness of the penis. You should stop massaging if you have an erection.

Penis pump exercise

 This pump is attached to the penis to get an immediate erection. The pump is a stretching device that also helps to enlarge the penis. This pump is usually prescribed to people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Are the length and thickness of the penis important?

Yes and no. The short answer, it depends.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, the importance of length and thickness varies from person to person.

Some people may find more pleasure in specific sizes, while others prioritize other aspects of intimacy.

Ultimately, open communication and mutual comfort between partners often contribute to a fulfilling sexual experience more than specific measures.

Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.

Do enlargement pills increase penis size?

Yes, the pills help enlarge the penis, but they should not be taken without consulting a sexologist. These pills consist of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that create a long-lasting sensation in your reproductive organ. These pills also tear the tiny tissues of the penis, causing it to increase in size. you can try Cenforce 200mg and Kamagra oral jelly (Viagra pill) to treat erectile dysfunction problems, it will give you an erect penis for long-lasting sexual intercourse, but it will not increase the size of your penis.


Q: What is penile dysmorphia?

A: Penis dysmorphia, clinically known as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD), is a psychological condition in which an individual has an exaggerated and distressing belief that his penis is not of adequate size, despite evidence to the contrary. This anxiety about penis size can cause significant emotional distress and require therapeutic intervention.

Q: What are some natural techniques to make your penis thicker?

A: Natural techniques include manual stretching exercises, jelqing, and lifestyle changes such as maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly. These methods can help improve penis thickness over time.

Q: Is jelqing safe and effective for increasing penis thickness?

A: Jelqing is a commonly practiced exercise aimed at increasing penis size. When done correctly and consistently, some people report positive results. However, it is important to do so with caution to avoid potential risks.

Q: Can traction devices help achieve penis thickness?

A: Traction devices are primarily designed to increase length rather than girth. While they may have some effect on girth, their primary goal is elongation. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before using such devices.

Q: What role does lifestyle play in penis health and thickness?

A: Lifestyle factors such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and managing stress can have a positive impact on penile health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes to overall sexual well-being.

Q: Is surgery a viable option to increase penis thickness?

A: Surgery is an option for people who want to improve both length and girth. This procedure involves inserting a specially designed device under the skin of the penis. However, it is essential to consult a qualified healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and consultation.