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Herpes labialis, Herpes zoster, Genital herpes infection
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Famtrex 250mg

Famtrex 250mg is an antiviral drug. Famtrex 250mg helps in the treatment of viral infections such as cold sores, herpes simplex viral infections, shingles, and genital herpes. It prevents the virus from multiplying in human cells and thus helps to get rid of the infection.

What is Famtrex 250mg?

Famtrex 250mg falls under the category of drugs known as antivirals. It is used to treat herpes zoster and recurrent skin infections in people with a history of HIV infection. It is also used to treat cold sores and genital herpes.

What is the use of Famtrex 250mg?

Genital herpes

This medicine is used to treat initial and recurrent episodes of genital herpes, a sexually transmitted viral infection that affects the genitals and is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Symptoms include sores on the genitals, tingling, burning or itching around the genitals, etc.

Labial herpes

This medication is used to treat recurring outbreaks of cold sores and blisters that occur in people with normal immune systems.

Herpes zoster infection

This medicine is used to treat herpes zoster, a viral infection caused by the chickenpox virus. It can occur anywhere on the body and manifests with symptoms such as painful rash, itching, blistering, tingling, etc.

How does Famtrex 250mg work?

This drug belongs to a class of antiviral drugs used to treat a variety of herpes infections such as herpes zoster, herpes simplex virus 2, herpes labialis, and the frequent occurrence of herpes simplex in HIV patients. It is a prodrug belonging to the guanosine analog class. Therefore, after ingestion, it turns into penciclovir, which changes again when it reaches the viral cells in the body. Activated penciclovir blocks the action of DNA polymerase.

How to take Famtrex 250mg?

  • Take this medicine at the dose and duration recommended by your doctor.
  • Do not skip any doses and finish the entire course of treatment even if you feel better.
  • Famtrex 250mg Tablet can be taken with or without food, but it is best to take it at a certain time.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea


Warnings for special populations


This medicine is excreted in human milk. It is recommended for women to breastfeed only if clearly needed. The risks and benefits should be discussed with your doctor before taking this medicine.


It is not recommended to use this medicine during pregnancy unless clearly necessary.

Pediatric use

This medicine is not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

General warnings

Impaired kidney function

This medicine is excreted by the kidneys. The concentration of this medicine may increase in patients with impaired renal function.


This medicine may increase the risk of kidney damage when taken with other medicines that cause kidney damage. Adequate water should be consumed to prevent drug build-up.

Effects on the nervous system

Patients who experience drowsiness, drowsiness, or confusion during treatment with Famtrex 250 mg tablet are advised not to perform any activities requiring high mental activity, such as driving a car or working with heavy equipment.

Geriatric use

Famtrex 250mg tablet should be used with caution in the elderly with kidney or liver damage due to an increased risk of neurological problems. The dose should be adjusted according to the clinical condition.


Pregnancy: should not be used during pregnancy unless the benefit outweighs the risk.

Alcohol: No data available. Consult your doctor

Driving: Be careful when driving or using machines, as this medicine may cause damage to your eyesight.

Kidney: Caution is recommended in patients with kidney disease.

Liver: Caution is recommended in patients with liver disease.


Interaction with Medicine

  • Pemetrexed
  • Entecavir


Missed dose

If you miss a dose of Famtrex 250mg tablet, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip it and go back to your usual schedule. Do not double the dose.


Seek emergency medical attention or contact your doctor in case of overdose.

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