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Generic Brand:    Vardenafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Lab
Strengths (Dosage): 10mg
Packaging: 10 tablets in one strip
Delivery promise:             7 to 15 working days
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Buy vilitra 10mg

Buy Vilitra 10mg is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, and Vilitra contains vardenafil as an active ingredient effective for almost all men.

It has a fast operating time and lasts up to 50% longer than sildenafil. It is a powerful molecule that requires patients to take smaller doses to achieve the same or more full effect.

Scientists point out that 10mg of Vilitra is more potent than tadalafil and sildenafil.

What is VILITRA 10mg?

Vardenafil is the most powerful and effective erectile dysfunction remedy for almost all men. It has a fast operating time and lasts up to 50% longer than sildenafil.

Vardenafil is more expensive to produce sildenafil tablets, but the price is easily justified with good results.

Vilitra (vardenafil 20mg tablets and vardenafil 10mg) can be purchased from Centurion Remedies, regular vardenafil.

Use of VILITRA 10mg

Erectile dysfunction

Vilitra 10mg improves symptoms of impotence by regulating the blood supply to the male genitals. The origin of ED is the PDE5 enzyme. The genitals are coated with the enzyme PDE5.

The protection of the penis prevented the blood from penetrating the interior and causing a hard erection in men for full sex.

Vilitra 10 mg is also called a PDE5 inhibitor because inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme is involved in the drug’s main mechanism of action.

After inhibition, nitric oxide and the enzyme cGMP are released. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles of the penis and constricts the veins. Large amounts of blood flow into the penis when the muscles are released.

The enzyme cGMP is required to direct blood to the penis during stimulation. This drug is fully functional and promotes an erection, improving the sex life of men.

How to take VILITRA 10MG?

  • Take this medicine as directed by your doctor.
  • Swallow the whole. Do not chew, crush, or crush.
  • Tablets can be taken with or without food, but it is recommended to take them at specific times.


These tablets have different dosages

Side effects

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased libido
  • Chest pain
  • Ejaculation disorder


Do not take drugs called nitrates. Nitrate is often used to treat angina. Angina is a heart disease that can cause pain in the chest, jaw, or armpits.

Nitrates include nitroglycerin in tablets, sprays, ointments, pastes, or patches.

Nitrate is also found in other drugs, such as isosorbide dinitrate or mononitrate. Some recreational drugs called “poppers” also contain nitrates such as amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate.

Do not use regular vardenafil if you are taking this medicine. If you are not sure if the drug is a nitrate, ask your doctor.


Patients should inform their doctor before taking this medicine if they are allergic to it or any of its ingredients.

If you have cancer, diabetes, frequent heartburn, heart disease, angina, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, or HIV infection, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

If your erection lasts more than 4 hours or you experience pain, you should contact your doctor immediately.

These drugs do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or HIV infection. Therefore, the patient should receive appropriate treatment and use alternative methods to prevent such ailments.

Before taking this medicine, ask your doctor if you have a history of heart disease (heart attack, irregular heartbeat), chest pain, stroke, kidney disease (dialysis), liver disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or dehydration. Rapid keratinization, Peyronie’s disease, long-term erection, sickle cell anemia, retinitis pigmentosa, leukemia, etc.

Users of this drug should limit alcohol consumption.

If a patient is taking herbal, prescription, or non-prescription medications, they should tell their doctor before taking this medication.

If you are taking Vilitra, do not smoke.

Safety information

Whether express or implied, the above information is provided in good faith and based on our knowledge, without warranty of any kind.


Store at room temperature 15-30°C, keep away from children, pets, moisture, and sunlight.

Additional information

Pack Size

120 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 30 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s


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