Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment depends on whether the problem is caused by psychological or physical factors or a combination of both.

Although erectile dysfunction has a physical cause, it often has negative psychological effects that exacerbate the problem and complicate treatment.

The following treatments can lead to reasonable success.

Improving lifestyle, unhealthy habits / withdrawing behavior

Treatment for reversible causes

Changes in current medications (such as blood pressure medications)

Hormonal supplements for the male hormone testosterone

The curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease) and corrective surgery for trauma

First Types Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Oral treatment
  • Vacuum shrink device
  • Psychological treatment

The Second Types Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Intracadal injection therapy

Third Types Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Surgery (prosthetics)

Minimally invasive treatment is considered first. Non-surgical treatment is effective in 60-70% of men and can exclude surgery.

Treatments such as injections are more than 80% effective, but up to 60% of men may eventually stop treatment. Sometimes its importance can be overestimated in relation to a man’s ability to re-erect. They may determine that the inconvenience or cost of treatment is not worth the effort.

Drug, remedy, medication

Erectile dysfunction caused by blood vessels, hormones, nervous system, and psychological problems can be treated with a variety of prescription medications.

Oral drugs

Increased blood flow to the penis (a drug that causes an erection)

Achieve Successful Erections and Reduce Performance Anxiety

Adjustment or replacement of medications taken under other conditions. If these drugs affect your erection, doctors may consider drugs to reduce the side effects.

Do not change the dose without consulting your doctor. Calibration of abnormal hormonal levels with testosterone replacement therapy. However, abnormal hormone levels are an uncommon cause of erection problems.

Vacuum mounting device

This is a vacuum pump that pumps blood into the penis, and a shrink tape is put around the donated blood to keep the blood from leaking out. Then you can have sex. It is often difficult to get used to this process, but some men are very happy. You may not leave the shrink tape on for longer than 60 minutes.

Injection therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Combined injection therapy is offered in polyclinics and some pharmacies. Penile injections can be dangerous if given incorrectly. The methods and medications require the supervision of well-trained professionals. Complications include prolonged painful erection (erection), which can cause bleeding, bruising, infection, and permanent damage to the penis.


Surgery for erection problems is chosen if conservative treatment and psychotherapy are ineffective. Surgical approaches can be very successful and have satisfactory results in 80-90% of men, penile implants, restoration of the vasculature of the penis, surgery to correct penile curvature (in painful conditions, there is Peyronie’s disease). Penis that cannot be penetrated due to deformation and curvature of the axis of the penis. Peyronie can also directly affect erectile function.

The foldable bar can be transplanted into the penis. This makes the penis stiff so you can have intercourse, but it is flexible so you can put it on your pants to be invisible.

You can implant a cylinder that expands when pumping storage fluid under a press.

This is done manually with a small pump attached to a reservoir and implanted into the scrotum. Implants avoid drug use but require surgery and are usually associated with all the risks associated with the surgery (side effects of anesthesia, possible bleeding, and infection). About 4% of the implants had to be removed due to infection.

In the case of 5-10%, mechanical breakdown of the device is possible, in this case, repeated work is required for repair or removal. Most penile implants are performed by urologists and their cost ranges from R20,000 to R60,000, depending on the type of implant. Unfortunately, the results of reoperation may be worse than the primary one.

Intrasea injection (on the genital body) is painful, but not very painful. Abstain for 20 to 30 minutes or more. Other medications such as Prostaglandin, Papaverine, or Phentolamine may also be used. Prostaglandins are the most widely used and marketed by Caverject.

Also, some oral medications are available: –

Two types of medication for libido:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction medication are Bellows

   2. Premature Ejaculation medication are Bellows